Fava Beans are at the heart of what we make.

Our beans are harvested by local Finnish farmers in the late summer, when they have absorbed all the goodness they can from the summer sun.

Finally, they are prepared with care by our trusted millers and devoted chefs. The result is delicious, balanced, Finnish food.

Packed with protein.

Protein is essential for the growth, renewal, and protection of our muscles, making it an important part of our diet.

Peas and pulses are a great source of protein. Grown in long Nordic summers, beans can absorb even more goodness from the sun.

Fava Mill products make it easy to find delicious ways to increase the protein in your diet.

Filled with fibre

Fibre is found in vegetables, fruits and grains, it's an important part of a balanced diet, good for both your tummy and your heart.

We use the entire fava bean in our products, even their husks, as they are especially high in fibre.

Balanced nutrition.

We take great pride in providing great sources of protein to vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

All the beans in our products are farmed sustainably in Finland, an ethical choice.