Root vegetable and Fava Bean Sauce

Cooking time

< 30 min

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serves 1

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You will need:

0,5 l water
1 cube vegetable broth
400 g vegetable mix
100 g carrots
100 g rutabaga
100 g celery
50 g onion
50 g broccoli
1 dl tomato puree
180 g processed cheese
3 tbsp white thickener
1¾ dl Fava Mill Ground Fava Beans
pepper mix
1 tsp salt

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Root vegetable and Fava Bean Sauce
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Dice the vegetables. Add water and vegetable broth cube/powder into a casserole. Add diced vegetables and cook until half tender. Add tomato puree, spices, processed cheese and thickener. Let simmer until tender. Stir the fava bean mix carefully with the cooked vegetables. Do not boil anymore. Serve for example with whole grain pasta.