How to Save Time and Money with an Auto Checking Fixture

An auto checking fixture can be a powerful and cost-effective tool that will save both time and money. Easy to use, efficient in testing, and quick in providing results;

Attention automotive enthusiasts and industry professionals! Are you fed up with spending both time and money on manual inspections, yet yearn for an accurate solution that ensures accurate measurements, eliminates human error, and maximizes productivity? Stop looking – auto checking fixtures could be just the solution you’ve been waiting for! In today’s blog post we will reveal all the secrets of this revolutionary tool that can streamline manufacturing processes while simultaneously increasing efficiency – saving both time and money along the way. Get ready as we dive into this world of automotive perfection!

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Introduction to Auto Checking Fixture

An auto checking fixture is a device used to ensure the accuracy of a product during its manufacturing process. It checks for any dimensions or alignment errors which might compromise product quality – and therefore serve as an essential way of meeting customer expectations and specifications.

Benefits of Automated Checking Fixtures

Automated checking fixtures offer many benefits to your organization, the key one being time and cost savings. By automating the creation and inspection of fixtures, automated checking fixtures can significantly cut back the time and money required to produce high-quality products while improving accuracy and consistency by making sure all products are tested similarly.

Auto checking fixtures are designed to save both time and money for businesses by automating many of the tasks associated with inspecting fixtures. By automating these tasks, companies can reduce both time spent checking fixtures as well as staff required for this process. Furthermore, an auto checking fixture helps improve accuracy during inspections to guarantee products meet all quality standards.

What to Look for in an Automated Checking Fixture

When searching for an automated checking fixture, there are various factors to keep in mind. First is accuracy – making sure the fixture can accurately measure dimensions of parts being checked is crucial. Second is speed – faster checking times will increase efficiency of process. And finally is flexibility; more adaptable fixtures make for easier use across various manufacturing processes and product varieties.

When selecting an automated checking fixture, there are a few considerations you must keep in mind. Accuracy should be foremost; any fitting must accurately measure dimensions being checked while also detecting deviations from nominal measurements.

Repeatability should also be an important consideration; an ideal fixture would produce consistent and repeatable results every time it is used, guaranteeing that parts are consistently being tested to the same standards.

The third consideration should be ease of use. When choosing a fixture, ensure it’s easy to install and use; additionally, change settings as necessary; this makes life simpler in the long run and saves time in setup and use.

An automated checking fixture must be precise, repeatable, and easy to use if it’s going to save both time and money by assuring parts meet their required specifications. These three characteristics should ensure optimal results from this fixture.


How to Configure and Utilize an Automated Checking Fixture

Automated checking fixtures are an ideal way of saving both time and money when testing the accuracy of machined parts. Here’s how to set one up and use it:

1. Select an Appropriate Machine. With numerous machines designed specifically for automated checking fixture purposes, selecting the ideal machine for you can be tricky. A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) might suffice if testing only a few parts at a time, while more powerful models like an optical comparator or laser scanner would likely be more suitable in testing larger and complex pieces.

2. Set Up the Machine. After selecting an appropriate machine, setting it up is usually straightforward. First, create a CAD model of the part to test; this will generate coordinates for your machine’s software to use when calibrating its hardware accordingly. Finally, calibrate as instructed for optimal results.

3. Utilize the Machine. To utilize an automated checking fixture, simply place the part onto it and press start. The machine will perform its measurement routine and output its results; any discrepancies found will be highlighted so they may be corrected prior to production.

Tips for Maintaining an Automated Checking Fixture

An automated checking fixture can save your team both time and money by quickly and effortlessly verifying the dimensions of parts. Here are a few tips to ensure it remains in top shape:

1. Keep the pressure plate free of debris. A build-up of dirt or other substances may prevent full contact between the pressure plate and its object of measurement and cause inaccurate measurements.

2. On an ongoing basis, verify all digital readouts for accuracy. Over time, wear and tear may cause them to become inaccurate, leading to inaccurate readings being displayed on screens.

3. Carefully examine each pneumatic cylinder for signs of leaks and replace any that exhibit signs as soon as possible if found.

4. Make sure all moving parts are suitably lubricated to minimize wear and tear and to ensure smooth operation of the fixture. This will also help minimize potential costly maintenance bills in the future.

5. Monitor the condition of the jaws and clamps regularly, replacing any that become damaged or worn to ensure accurate measurements.

Alternatives to Automated Fixture Checking Solutions

There are various alternatives to automated checking fixtures that can save both time and money. One such solution is using hand-operated fixtures, which are less costly but better suited to shorter production runs. Another possibility is investing in portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). CMMs may cost more but could help speed up larger production runs.

auto checking fixture


An auto checking fixture can be a powerful and cost-effective tool that will save both time and money. Easy to use, efficient in testing, and quick in providing results; its customizable features enable anyone from amateur DIYers to professional technicians to leverage this powerful tool – whether for quality assurance purposes or speed of work completion, auto checking fixtures definitely deserve consideration!