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Shenzhen Favamill Testing Equipment Co., Ltd. is located next to Shenzhen International Airport, with convenient transportation. It is a production oriented enterprise engaged in automotive inspection tools, tooling fixtures, and welding fixtures. Smart inspection tools were established in July 2008 and have a development history of over 15 years. They have accumulated rich experience in the design and manufacturing of automotive inspection tools. With the technology and quality of automotive inspection tools, it has rapidly risen in the field of automotive inspection tools.


Quality. Precision. Reliability. Every time.

Favamill Makes Everything With Craft!

We provide personalized auto checking fixture design and customization services for you!

Strong Manufacturer

Rich industry experience and strong manufacturing capability

Craftsmanship Design

Focusing on fixture design and tailoring according to needs.

Quality Assurance

ISO9001 standard, three-layer quality inspection

Good Service

Accurate product delivery time, 24-hour response!


Our Latest Projects

Checking Fixture
CMM Holding Fixture
Jigs & Gages
Plastic Parts Checking Fixture
Sheet Metal Checking Fixture
Standard Parts & Components
Welding Fixture

Our Advantages

Why Choose Us

Expertise and Specialization

Expertise and specialization in designing and manufacturing checking fixtures.

Quality and Precision

Focus on producing high-quality and precise checking fixtures.

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Customization and Flexibility

Customization and flexibility to meet specific customer requirements.

Cost and Time Efficiency

Cost and time efficiency through streamlined production processes.

Perfection In Every Step We Take

Favamill Make Everything With Craft!

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