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Car Accessories Go&NoGo Gage Inspection Tool


Car accessories Go&NoGo gage inspection tools, also known as checking fixtures or inspection gauges, are used in the automotive industry to verify the dimensional accuracy and compliance of car accessory components.

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Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:Favamill
Model Number:FG005 metric and inch
Product Name:Go&NoGo gauge
Material:Carbon Steel
Type:Hand Measuring Tools
Application:Working Gauges
Lead Time:3-7 Days
Packaging & Delivery:Packaging Details Plastic box and carton


1. Precision Machining: The inspection tools are precisely machined to high tolerances to ensure accurate measurements. They are made from high-quality materials such as steel or aluminum to provide stability, durability, and resistance against wear and tear.

2. Go&NoGo Gauges: The inspection tools consist of Go and NoGo gauges. The Go gauge represents the maximum acceptable size or dimension, while the NoGo gauge represents the minimum acceptable size or dimension. These gauges are designed to fit with specific car accessory components, ensuring that they meet the required specifications.

3. Customized Design: Inspection tools are customized to match the specific car accessory components being inspected. They are designed to replicate the critical features and dimensions of the component accurately. This ensures that the tool can effectively verify the conformity of the actual parts.

4. Ergonomic Handling: The inspection tools are designed for ease of use and ergonomic handling. They often feature comfortable grips, easy-to-operate handles, and intuitive interfaces to enable efficient and accurate inspections.

5. Measurement Markings: The inspection tools may have measurement markings or indicators engraved on them. These markings help operators quickly identify whether the car accessory component falls within the acceptable tolerance range.

6. Surface Protection: To prevent any damage to the car accessory components during inspection, the inspection tools may incorporate protective covers or coatings. These protective measures help maintain the integrity and quality of the components being inspected.

7. Verification Points: The inspection tools include specific verification points corresponding to critical features of the car accessory components. These points are designed to verify parameters such as dimensions, angles, hole sizes, or other critical characteristics.

8. Traceability and Quality Control: Inspection tools often feature markings or identification numbers to ensure traceability and quality control. This helps in maintaining a record of inspections performed and enables tracking of any issues or non-conformities.

9. Calibration and Maintenance: To ensure accurate measurements, inspection tools should be periodically calibrated and maintained. This involves verifying their accuracy against known reference standards and performing necessary adjustments or repairs.

10. Compliance with Standards: Car accessories Go&NoGo gage inspection tools should adhere to relevant industry standards and specifications, such as ISO 9001 for quality management systems. Compliance with these standards ensures that the inspection tools provide reliable and consistent results.