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Car Air Outlet Check Fixture

Car air outlet check fixtures are used in the automotive industry to ensure the quality and accuracy of car air outlets during the manufacturing process

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Plastic Part Material: ABS
Check Fixture Material: AL6061, S136, Plastic Resin
Gage Type: Single Fixture, Assembly Fixture
Processing: CNC Machining,CMM
Surface Treatment: Anodizing, Powder coated
Lead Time: 20 days
Quality Assurance: Internal CMM Inspection, Third Party Certification


Car air outlet check fixtures are used in the automotive industry to ensure the quality and accuracy of car air outlets during the manufacturing process. Here are some common features of car air outlet check fixtures:

Precision measurement: The check fixtures are designed with precise measurement capabilities to verify the dimensions, tolerances, and alignment of the car air outlets. This ensures that the outlets meet the required specifications.

Customized design: The check fixtures are tailored to fit specific car models and their corresponding air outlet designs. They are designed to accurately replicate the car’s interior environment and mounting points for proper testing and alignment.

Durable construction: Check fixtures are typically made of high-quality materials like aluminum, steel, or composite materials to ensure durability and long-lasting performance. This allows them to withstand repeated use and maintain their accuracy over time.

Mounting and positioning features: The fixtures often include mounting points and locating pins that align with the car’s dashboard or interior structure. These features help secure and position the fixture correctly to simulate real-world conditions for accurate testing.

Alignment and verification tools: Check fixtures may have indicators, gauges, or probes to assist in aligning the car air outlets precisely. These tools help technicians and operators ensure that the outlets are correctly positioned, angled, and aligned according to the design specifications.

Functional testing capabilities: Some check fixtures include mechanisms or sensors to perform functional tests on the air outlets. These features allow technicians to evaluate the performance of the outlets, such as airflow direction and distribution, functionality of adjustable vents, or smooth movement of control mechanisms.

Documentation and reporting: Check fixtures often provide a standardized framework for documenting measurements and test results. This helps in maintaining records and creating reports for quality control purposes, allowing manufacturers to track and address any issues in the production process.

Overall, car air outlet check fixtures offer precise measurement, customizability, durability, mounting and positioning features, alignment tools, functional testing capabilities, and documentation features. They play a crucial role in ensuring the quality, fit, and functionality of car air outlets in the automotive manufacturing process.